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Severe Weather / Program Cancellation Policy

This policy is to establish guidelines and procedure for how to handle severe weather conditions in order to protect participants, spectators and staff.  PLYF retains the right to cancel or curtail activities due to severe weather conditions and its effects.



 All programs, special events cancelled and facilities closed under the following conditions.

  1. Snow, Icy or Sleeting weather conditions where activities/functions will be cancelled or postponed.
    • When Plain Local Township is under a “Level 2 Winter Advisory”
      • Level 1 means roads are hazardous with blowing and drifting snow, roads are icy and drivers are warned to be cautious.
      • Level 2 means roads are hazardous, only those who feel it is necessary to drive should do so, and drivers are encouraged to call their employers to verify that they need to report to work.
      • Level 3 means all roadways are closed to non-emergency personnel. No one should be out during these conditions unless it is absolutely necessary. Those traveling on the roadways may subject themselves to arrest.
    • Blizzard or other snow conditions that would limit staff or participants ability to travel to the activity site.
    • When visibility for road travel in severely limited.
    • When the Weather Bureau has issued travel warnings


  1. Extreme Heat – Extended period of high temperatures and humid conditions
    • When weather conditions present a threat to the safety of the participants and spectators Programs maybe moved indoors for a period of time or cancelled.


  1. Heavy Rains for outdoor activities
    • During heavy rains programs may continue while meeting the follow criteria:
      • Participants are in no danger form cold weather & rain
      • Field conditions permit
      • No sign of lightning
    • When severe road flooding limits staff or participants ability to travel to activity site programs may be postponed or cancelled.


  1. Thunderstorm Watch & Warning
  • During a Watch – continue play while watching for severe weather, if weather becomes severe or if warning is issued, stop play and seek shelter immediately. Resume play only after severe weather has left the area ad field conditions permit.
  • During a Warning – Stop all outdoor activities and seek shelter immediately. Resume play only after severe weather has left the area and field conditions permit.


  1. Tornado Watch & Warning
  • If a watch or warning is issued before games begins and extends past or near the normal quitting time of the program, cancel all games.


  1. Lighting – the 30 -30 rule
  • Once lightning is seen, start counting! If thunder is heard before you count to 30 seconds, the lightning struck within 6 miles. Cancel all outdoor activities and seek shelter.
  • Outdoor programs are permitted to resume 30 minutes after the last thunder clap, and field condition permit.


  1. Hail Storms
  • No outdoor activities will be permitted during a Hail Storm
  • Cancel/postpone programs or activities and seek shelter
  • Program may resume 30 minutes after a Hail Storm, field conditions permitting



Resuming recreation programs after a closing/postponement for severe or inclement weather

Recreation program and activities will resume at the earliest possible time meeting the following criteria:

  • Severe weather has subsided
  • Snow emergency plan has been lifted
  • Parks & Recreation Staff can safely travel to activity site
  • Field conditions permit recreational use


All programs that have been cancelled due to severe weather will be rescheduled. Participants will be contacted within 24 hours with rescheduling information.

Field Playability Guidelines

To ensure the safety of participants PLYF may cancel or postpone programs or activities that present a hazardous playing surface or condition.  When determining field playability, the following guidelines should be followed:


Athletic Fields

  • A large area of standing water on any part of the playing field is just cause for cancellation.
  • Any attempt to remove standing water must be done by Plain Local Schools staff. Water should be removed by bailing or pumping the water off the field.
  • During the course of inspection, any visible water or sound (squishing) while walking is an indication that the field is unfit for play or practice.
  • Footprints and the collection of water around them is an indication that the field should be closed



Questions, comments and requests regarding this Severe Weather Policy should be addressed to