GlenOak Youth Football & Cheer
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The PLYF cheerleaders are allowed to join this year from 2nd to 6th grade.

There is a family max of $400.00 when more than one child is participating. 

Cheerleaders practice @ Glenwood Middle School on 44th St. in the front grass area.  For all practice/game times please check out the main page or EVENTS page for updates.  Any changes in schedules will be reflected there but also communicated out to parents.

The girls are fitted with uniforms for accuracy by the advisor prior to the season.  Regarding uniforms the board cheerleading advisor will coordinate with all parents.  Each girl is responsible for purchasing spanks (dark green undies to go under the skirts), white tennis shoes (no platforms), possible white under shirt or bodyliner for cooler weather. 

Cheer tackle schedule consists of 6-8 regular season games.  If a team makes the playoffs may play up to 2 playoff games which includes the championship.  If a team does not make the playoffs there MAY be 2 consolation games.  Teams cannot backout of playoff or consolation games.

More detailed information will be given with registration.


GlenOak Youth Football & Cheer reserves the right to remove any volunteer coach for any reason at any time. Additional action may be required if necessary, including banning coaches from attending games as spectators and removing any future coaching rights. If coaches refuse to cooperate, they and their children may be banned from the league immediately and possibly permanently. Any further refusal to cooperate can result in police interaction.