The PLYF football players are allowed to join this year from Kindergarten to 6th grade.  The distribution of teams is as follow:

  • Flag (D | E) - Grades K - 3 (typically 4-5 teams)

  • B tackle - Grades 4 (typically 1 teams)

  • A tackle - Grade 5-6 (typically 2 teams)

The teams are coached by volunteers.  Most tackle coaches have been with the league for many years.  All coaches are required to be USA football certified and for concussion awareness.  If you know of someone wanting to be a coach please see the coaches form online or attend the registration.

The cost is $160.00 per child and also a $300 family max. The season starts approximately July 26.  Practices for the 1st two(2) weeks will run all week.  Subsequent practices are set by the coaches and will have a set max of 4 days per week until school starts.  At that point practices will drop to around 2-4 days per week (coaches discretion).  Practice times are usually between 5:30 and 7:30 at Glenwood middle school on 44th street.

Tackle game schedule consists of 6 regular season games.  If a team makes the playoffs may play up to 2 playoff games which includes the championship.  If a team does not make the playoffs there are 2 consolation games.  Teams will end up playing 8 total games in the season irregardless.  Teams cannot backout of playoff or consolation games.

More detailed information will be given with registration